In the spring of 2002, two young men fresh out of college wanted to host an art-themed party in an effort to create a unique social event for their friends in Indianapolis. Ryan Hickey and Adam Crockett shared a passion for art, music and creativity, so they began to exchange ideas and spread the word. After lots of brainstorming and hard work, ORANJE was born.

Along with a small group of their close friends, Adam and Ryan spent the entire summer preparing an empty warehouse at 1200 South Madison Street and promoting ORANJE. The event promised contemporary art, music and film spread throughout two floors of the raw yet inspiring space. To the surprise of Adam and Ryan, over 700 people attended the first ORANJE, so the two agreed to host the event again in 2003.

Since then, ORANJE has continued to develop into one of the most prominent yet unique art and music showcases in the region. Known for featuring a near-overwhelming amount of creative media, ORANJE has presented upwards of 50 artists and 30 music acts in a given year, spanning across numerous genres of music and art media in one night. The result is a highly stimulating and interactive environment in which creativity thrives and patrons socialize, enjoy food and drinks and have the opportunity to purchase art. Using the tagline ‘Indulge Your Senses,’ ORANJE encourages exploration of the event, which features a non-stop music lineup, audience participation and even spontaneous performance art. Collectively, the annual event has showcased the talents of over 300 fine artists and 150 music acts as well as independent film, fashion design and cuisine to over 20,000 patrons.

Over the years, ORANJE has become a highly anticipated event for both participants and attendees, and is often recognized as one of the more premier independent events in the Midwest. Catering to adults 21 & over, ORANJE is the result of an incredible effort from sponsors, staff, volunteers, participants and patrons, all of whom share in a passion for culture.

While the event tries to evolve as much as possible each year, the goals of ORANJE remain the same: present unique, original and high-quality art and music talent, often times focusing on the emerging and under-exposed members of the creative community. Further, ORANJE has always believed that too many barriers exist between artists and non-artists, and that some traditional institutions have helped create these barriers. At ORANJE, artists, musicians and patrons are encouraged to interact in an energetic environment, providing a one-of-a-kind experience for everyone in attendance.