Sponsor Spotlight: Kolman Dental

Do you have a cool dentist?

Paul Kolman, owner of Kolman Dental, is known around Indianapolis as the Rock n Roll Doc due to his close connection with the local music scene. Maybe you've seen his logo on a flyer for a concert or one of the many events put on by My Old Kentucky BlogNUVO or A Squared Industries. Or perhaps you've seen him out at a show wearing a Kolman Dental shirt enjoying some music with his wife. Whatever it is, Paul Kolman has been making his name known around town as being not only a great dentist but an advocate of Indianapolis culture.

Kolman started sponsoring shows about four years ago with Andy and Annie Skinner of A Squared Industries. That's when he was connected with MOKB, where one of the booking agents started referring to him as the Rock n Roll Dentist...and the nickname stuck! Since then, he has continued to sponsor shows around Indianapolis and support local artists, including some of his favorites like Red Light Driver, Pravada, Hotfox, Breakdown Kings and Grey Granite. "There are so many great people involved in our music scene from bands to promoters to club owners," said Kolman. "It has been a joy to get involved."

So what makes Kolman Dental different from your average dentist's office? Well let's start with the atmosphere. Kolman's love of music has resulted in a large collection that includes many local artists, which gives his patients a chance to appreciate new tunes that they may not have discovered otherwise. Not to mention the panoramic views of Broad Ripple and comfortable setting. "Whether I am fixing someone's teeth or helping with instructions on how to care for their smile, my overall goal is to help. I love that I get to meet and see new people everyday."

This will be the second year in a row that Kolman Dental has sponsored ORANJE, and it's the first time he has sponsored an event that wasn't solely music-related. "I liked the overall idea of ORANJE. I found that ORANJE's audience was very compatible with the type of atmosphere that we have at Kolman Dental. I think the mix of music and art is perfect; I love that some of my favorite artists are showcasing their work while my favorite local bands are playing."

Kolman suggests that you check out Shimmercore playing as a full band, and artists Stuart Sayger and Justin Vining. Keep up with Kolman Dental on FacebookTwitter and their website.

Rachel Rubenstein