After 13 consecutive years hosting our annual art and music showcase, we have decided to take a year off and forego hosting ORANJE 2015.

As many of you know, ORANJE is put together by a small team of passionate individuals who have other full time careers, yet they dedicate a great deal of time to make ORANJE happen. Fortunately, all of us are busy making those careers blossom. However, the growth we are all experiencing outside of ORANJE this year has not provided us with the time required to make ORANJE operate effectively. Our philosophy since 2002 has been that if we cannot give ORANJE the attention it deserves or fulfill our vision for how we believe the event should take place, then we would rather not do the event at all. Like any organization who operates this way, we must stick to our core values.

Naturally, we are sad we will not get to enjoy the time with our staff preparing for the event and the opportunity to work with so many wonderful, talented people. However, we feel like some time away from that process will give us some perspective on how to best manage the event for the future. We have enjoyed 13 years of success in creating an impactful event for Indianapolis that we feel offers a unique experience unlike any other. Now, we can look forward to spending some time refocusing our energies on fresh, new ideas for how to present ORANJE in the future.

In the meantime, we are working to create smaller event ideas so we can maintain our presence and involvement in the Indianapolis creative community. Thank you for all your support over the years, including your support in our decision to take a hiatus in 2015. We are excited about what the future will bring!

Indulge Your Senses,

Ryan Hickey

ORANJE Director & Co-Founder

Rachel Rubenstein