We are looking for excited and motivated individuals to volunteer for ORANJE 2018! 

ORANJE 2018 will take place on Saturday, September 22, 2018 from 8 PM - midnight at 850 Massachusetts Ave, Indianapolis IN. ORANJE 2018 will feature several artists, bands, DJs, performance artists, and much more! 

ORANJE would not be possible without the assistance of our wonderful volunteers. It is the combined efforts of everyone involved in ORANJE which makes the event special.

ORANJE is seeking volunteers to help with the following:

  • Promotions/Marketing - Street team promotions, promotional event staff, flyer distribution, etc. (Now through September 22, 2018)
  • Event Production - Building preparations, A/V set-up, event breakdown, etc. (September 16-23, 2018)
  • Event Staff - Admissions, ORANJE info table, stage management, artist liaison, etc. (September 22, 2018)

Please note that all volunteers must attend one of the two mandatory Volunteer Orientation meetings. We have scheduled two of these meetings for your convenience. You will only need to attend one of these:

  • Meeting 1 - Tuesday, September 18 (evening time TBA)
  • Meeting 2 - Wednesday, September 19 (evening time TBA)

Volunteers, depending on their assignment, will work with one or more of the following people:



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Volunteering Prior to ORANJE 2018

All persons who volunteer for ORANJE prior to the event for a minimum of four (4) hours will be given one (1) general admission ticket to ORANJE 2018 as well as an ORANJE tee shirt. Volunteers assisting with promotions/marketing and/or photography, videography/multimedia will be given free access to the events at which you volunteer. All volunteers will meet with the ORANJE Volunteer Coordinator at a specified location and will be given an agenda at the beginning of their shift. Volunteers are expected to diligently and professionally complete all tasks to which they are assigned.

Volunteering the Night of ORANJE 2018

Volunteers who work at ORANJE 2018 will act as ORANJE ambassadors and will assist patrons and participants within the event. It is very important to be both equipped with knowledge of ORANJE, as well as to know when to ask for assistance. ORANJE will provide you with detailed plans and information about the 2018 event, however, do not be afraid to admit to a patron or participant that you need to ask for assistance.

 Volunteer shifts on the night of the event are split into two (2), four (4) hour shifts. 

  • Shift 1 - 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM
  • Shift 2 - 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM (tear down at midnite-1am)

All volunteers must arrive on time at the building the night of the event. Volunteers working Shift 2 are encouraged to come early and enjoy the event prior to their shift.

All volunteers must be at least 21 years of age by September 22, 2018.

Please note that volunteers are not allowed to drink alcohol during their shift. You are welcome to purchase drinks at the bar at ORANJE after you've worked your shift. However, if you work Shift 2 please do not drink alcohol before your shift.

We pride ourselves on running a fine-tuned event and hope that everyone will take pride in being a part of ORANJE. Please be courteous to all patrons, participants, staff and security so that everyone's experience can be as enjoyable as possible.

No smoking is allowed in the building.  Please direct all patrons to smoke outside.

Onsite parking will be available at the building in the lot adjacent to College Avenue.

ORANJE will provide each event volunteer with an ORANJE Staff badge which must be worn at all times during your shift (these will be distributed at the door when you arrive that night). Please note that you must present your VALID PHOTO ID at the ORANJE Main Entrance for admission into the building on September 22, 2018. DO NOT LOSE YOUR BADGE OR GIVE IT TO ANYONE (it cannot be used to get someone into the event).

Event volunteers will receive one (1) ORANJE tee shirt to be worn during your shift. Please wear the ORANJE tee shirt or a black shirt AND your ORANJE Staff badge while volunteering the night of the event. If you are done with your shift and plan to indulge in alcohol, please be sure to remove your ORANJE Staff badge.

During ORANJE 2018, we will provide an area for volunteers to take a break and get water, soda and snacks. Please limit breaks to 15 minutes. Also, please be sure to alert the Volunteer Coordinator or another ORANJE Staff member prior to taking a break so that they may designate another volunteer to cover your duties during your absence.

All volunteers must sign a waiver to volunteer at ORANJE 2018. Please be aware that hazards exist at the ORANJE building. The nature of this facility presents a number of irregular situations. Please use caution in and around the site of ORANJE 2018 and alert your supervisor if you notice something that is potentially hazardous.  

Volunteering for ORANJE is truly an exciting and rewarding experience and we look forward to working with you!